About Us

What do you get when you cross an Aquarian astrologer with an Aquarian web designer? A spiritual and metaphysical shop on the Internet, of course!

Like most future-minded Aquarians, Dunnea Rae (aka Dee) and her daughter, Ioma N’Tora, took to computers like the proverbial duck takes to water, beginning with their first modem-less IBM computer purchased nearly two decades ago. They laugh now when they recall how excited they were to have a computer that couldn’t even get them online.

Ioma was born with a genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), but she did not receive a formal diagnosis until she was 20 years old. At the time of her birth, it was immediately apparent that her eyes had not formed properly. A sonogram of her left eye revealed there WAS an optic nerve, but the right eye was not fully formed and a prosthetic eye was made for her. At five weeks of age, she received a corneal transplant to her left eye, making medical history for being the youngest corneal transplant recipient at that time. It was an experimental procedure with no guarantees, but it gave her limited partial vision. She is still legally blind, but has an incredible talent with the limited vision she has to create visually beautiful websites. Other physical symptoms of EDS worsened as she matured and by the time she entered high school, she was unable to attend school full time. She began a course of home schooling which included self-teaching HTML coding and designing websites. She has a deep interest in the medical field, as well, and became the youngest student to complete the Medical Transcription Program at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College in Asheville, North Carolina. Several surgeries and life-threatening complications knocked her off track from full-time employment, but she continued to chip away at advancing her education with the end goal of becoming a patient advocate in the healthcare field. Currently, time and money stand in the way of her degree. In order to receive grants for school, she must adhere to a schedule she cannot physically meet due to her health limitations. Her plan is to self-learn, just as she did in high school, and pay to test out on each class independently until she earns her degree. As co-founder of Soul Space Shop, she intends that the work she puts into growing a home-based, independent, and family-run business will help cover the rising medical costs her insurance will not cover and help her to meet her education goals.

Dunnea (Dee) Rae has always had a passion for astrology and any other metaphysical subjects she could explore. She discovered astrology at the age of nine and has been a practicing astrological consultant for about 25 years. The arrival of the Internet enabled her to offer her services online and she now has a world-wide following through her site, AlohaAstro.com.

Before she became a full-time astrologer and Internet entrepreneur, Dee was a professional baker and chef. Over the years, the physically demanding aspects of her career contributed to fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, and degenerative discs. At one point, she worked in a café in a health food store to take advantage of an employee discount on nutritional supplements in the hopes of better health.

Mother and daughter relocated to Sedona, Arizona, to escape harsh New York winters. Dee established her own wholesale baking and vegetarian catering business. To supplement income, she worked as an astrologer at The Hub of the New Age, a metaphysical center in Sedona. The year was 1997. Looking back, the three years they spent in Sedona foreshadowed the present day. Ioma was busy learning coding and Dee was enjoying helping people find their purpose and solve problems in a beautiful shop filled with crystals, candles, incense, tarot cards, jewelry, unusual clothes, and inspiring books. “I would love to have a shop like this,” thought Dee - and so it is! Soul Space Shop initially launched on third-party sites about two years ago, but recently Dee and Ioma knew it was time to fly solo.

Dee and Ioma have created a life and a business that is productive and growing despite physical limitations that keep them from mainstream employment. The Internet allows them to be in touch with customers everywhere and anywhere – virtually – 24/7. Well, almost 24/7: Ioma is the night owl and Dee obsessively checks those emails during the daylight hours. The mother/daughter team loves what they do and, of course, wants to have one of everything they sell in their shop! They hope you feel the same way.

Thanks for choosing to shop at Soul Space Shop and many blessings,
Dunnea (Dee) and Ioma