New Moon in Gemini, June 4, 2016

New Moon in Gemini, June 4, 2016

Dunnea Rae

The New Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini arrives tonight, but before the plans you are ready to release can take flight there are some other astrological transits to consider. The moon joins the sun and Venus, which should create a lift in optimism and a joyous quickening that can cause you to imagine and believe that June will be a spectacular summer month of pleasurable delights, however, that lighthearted trio of planets are squared to Neptune in mutable Pisces and squared to Jupiter in mutable Virgo, while also opposing retrograde Saturn in mutable Sagittarius. Neptune opposing Jupiter completes this mutable Grand Cross. Mutable energy is adaptable, flexible and changeable. The mutable signs are the facilitators, networkers, go-betweens, and the ways and means committee of the zodiac. A Grand Cross can be a powerful call to action that is filled with pushing and pulling energy, while the mutable energy can make you aware that there may be more than just one or two choices, or one or two issues that require your decision and attention! In general, oppositions can be the least agreeable aspects to deal with, however, Venus and Jupiter, also called the Lesser and Greater Benefics, are rarely as challenging as other planets can be when they show up in an opposition - in fact, sometimes the vanity or selfishness of Venus is tempered when opposed, and the tendency for Jupiter to overindulge or over reach can be modified when in an opposition.  Neptune may require some sacrifice in order for Jupiter to bring gain and Saturn may require some discipline or work in order for Venus to have a desire fulfilled. 

So what to do? Look at all your options and decide what makes you happiest. Ideally, when you choose your own happiness, that is what makes others happy, too. Be prepared to change, let go of some things and work harder at other things. While the Grand Cross is tilting you first this way, then that way, as you scurry around gathering scattered pieces here and there or eliminating the multiplying assortment of tasks that keep appearing, there is a steadying Grand Trine in earth present now that can keep you grounded and points toward some productive results appearing if you keep as fully present as possible. Yes, Gemini is a sign of imagination and formative thought and likes to flit from idea to idea or person to person, but to make the best use of the dynamic energy of a Grand Cross, it is important to take each moment and each task as it comes. Avoid putting something off for later because there will not be an empty slot later. Accept what comes in the moment and as soon as you handle it in that moment, you are laying down one more brick in that earthy Grand Trine composed of Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus. The Grand Trine says you can get what you want or see tangible results in your plans but the Grand Cross says it may not be a straight path, or any path at all. It may be a process of living moment by moment. Put your mutable mindset on and be open to all the ways in which you can achieve your goals. Not everything now is probable, but nothing is impossible, and things that may not have been on your radar before could now seem within your reach. This poem, by A.A.Milne, captures the mutable energy of the current Grand Cross perfectly. The adorable bears, pictured, are the original illustrations for the poem, "Twice Times".

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