New Moon in Aries, April 7, 2016

New Moon in Aries, April 7, 2016

Dunnea Rae

New moons are a time for new beginnings and what better time for a new beginning than the first new moon to follow the vernal equinox of March?  Aries is the cardinal (boss-like, initiating, leading) fire sign that says "I am".  These two powerful words are a declaration of existence and can attract the very qualities you pair them with when you say "I am (fill in the blank)".  Pay attention to your thoughts and words at this new moon.  Are you declaring things about yourself that are bringing less than what you would really want to be or to have in your life?  Write down your limiting or self-negating "I am" statements and re-write them to say the opposite.  If you have been declaring, "I am broke", "I am lonely", or any other yucky thing, it may not feel truthful (yet) to declare "I am rich" or "I am happy being single" but there are incremental ways you can begin to shift your statements: "I am open to having more money in my life" or "I am at peace while my partner is on his/her way to me."  After something like that feels believable, try shifting the words yet again: "I am grateful for the upswing in my income and I anticipate more improvement" or "I am enjoying meeting new people. I have an active social life that keeps me from feeling lonely." 

Aries is the sign of the pioneer and all pioneers must set a course.  Setting a course requires a combination of being able to work with what is already know along with forging ahead into the unknown.  Pick a general direction for your new beginning and work with what you already accept about yourself in terms of situation or skills - then set a course that points toward action and expansion that feels comfortable.  Aries doesn't like to lose or fail but it also doesn't like the easy win. Half the fun of heading in a new Aries-fueled direction is enjoying the rush that a bit of uncertainty or fear can produce.  When the action is in full swing it can bring the dormant talents and stagnant energy waiting to be applied out to the front and center, which helps to make you more aware of the power of the "I". 

Aries is ruled by the action planet Mars.  Its primary color is red and it rules the head.  Activate the New Moon in Aries energy in your life by wearing some vivid red, and boldly try that new makeup or hairstyle.  Check your own natal chart to see which house, or area of life, will be in focus this New Moon.  

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