Full Moon in Libra March 23, 2016

Full Moon in Libra March 23, 2016

Dunnea Rae

Full Moon in the cardinal air sign of Libra arrives on Wednesday morning, March 23rd, intensified by a lunar eclipse. The usual heightened emotions of a full moon may feel stronger due to the eclipse. The cardinal energy of Libra is that of an initiator or leader, in regard to relationships, diplomacy and social strategy. The cardinal fire sign of Aries, which highlights the self, comes forward during this full moon as well, since the full moon opposes the sun in Aries. The work of the full moon in Libra may be about uncovering our resistances within relationship or discovering our lack of self-love within relationship. At either end of the spectrum, the goal is to strike a balance that enables us to be happy with ourselves and our decisions or actions, while still treating others with recognition and respect.

Libra is a Venus-ruled air sign, so our thoughts may turn toward people, activities or things that we desire or give us pleasure. We may also seek to bring more pleasure or beauty into our lives. For some, that may involve shopping for a new spring wardrobe or getting a hair or cosmetics make-over, since the sign of Aries rules the head.

This morning, I was out early enough to see Jupiter shining brightly alongside the moon. Jupiter is at 16 degrees of Virgo, and although the full moon on the 23rd will not be in conjunction with Jupiter, yesterday's transit of the moon at 16 degrees of Virgo was a Jupiter/moon conjunction, activating energy between Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, as well as Pluto in Capricorn, bring forth the question, how can we change (Uranus) and transform (Pluto) or become more powerful (Pluto) in a way that is practical (Virgo) or upholds the ideal of sevice (Virgo). The answer to that question may appear during the full moon tomorrow when we consider our postion, actions and reactions, in our various relationships, whether they be in business, romance, family, friendship or society.

Look at your own natal chart to see what house, or area of life, holds Libra energy for you in order to see what area of life may be influenced now by the full moon in Libra. If you would like to learn more about your own chart, I am available for personal astrological consultations at Aloha Astro.

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